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Personal Contract Hire made Simple & Affordable

Brand New Cars for Public Sector Employees and Partners with No Benefit in Kind (BIK) Tax and No Hidden Balloon Payments

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Welcome to GMP YourDrive

GMP Yourdrive is an alternative mobility solution for public sector employees who are not eligible for a Lease Car/Salary Sacrifice car or who may have their pension adversly affected by sacrificing salary.

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What is GMP YourDrive?

GMP YourDrive is a Personal Contract Hire scheme that can offer new vehicles from various manufacturers using preferential public sector discount rates.

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What is Personal Contract Hire?
Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is an agreement exculsively for private individuals.

With a Personal Contract Hire agreement you take control of a car for a contractual period (available either with or without maintenance), usually referred to as the ‘lease period’. Though the car is in your possession, it is not actually yours to own. Instead, you make fixed monthly payments to a leasing company for the duration of the contract. When the contract expires you simply return the car to the leasing company or take out a new lease. As a result you never have to worry about resale values of the car. You never own it, so you can simply return the keys and walk away.

Benefits of Personal Contract Hire
Fixed prices
You can lease a brand new car at a fixed monthly price and not have to worry about interest charges. This can help you budget.
Normally personal contract hire has the best value for money compared to finance and personal contract purchase
Low initial payment
Typically one or three monthly payments.
Optional maintenance packages
Personal Contract Hire agreements can include maintenance packages at an additional cost so you don’t have to worry about the general upkeep of the vehicle.
Access to more ‘upmarket’ vehicles
With a personal contract hire deal, you could afford a car that would otherwise be too expensive. As luxury cars tend to depreciate at the slowest rates, these often provide the best personal contract hire deals.
Important Points to
Comprehensive car insurance
You will need a fully comprehensive insuance policy as the car will be registered to the leasing company and not to yourself.
Possible end of contract charges
Fair wear and tear policy (BVRLA guide) will apply, along with a pence per mile charge if you go over the agreed mileage limit.
Who is it for?
New vehicles: Ideal for drivers who want to change their cars regularly or don’t want to buy a car outright

Public sector employees who claim business mileage reimbursement for their business mileage travels.

Vehicles can be used for private use as it fits in with the driver daily family life.

What offers do we have?
Currently we have a range of manufacturers offering preferential discounts, if you are interested in obtaining quotations for a car please click here.
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